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Rectangle Classic

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Headaches and Eye Fatigue?

Have trouble falling asleep? Eyes get tired from looking at screens all day?

We are totally consumed by digital screens, spending almost nine hours a day, on average, on our digital devices. HQ’s lenses have a specially developed coating made for people who spend a lot of time on screens and are constantly exposed to blue light

Why should you choose HQ?

Our goal is to not just provide high quality blue light glasses, but GOOD LOOKING glasses that you can feel great wearing. Our glasses are professionally designed and feature modern and classic looks to protect your eyes while complimenting your look.

Don't just save these for screen time, they are your new daily accessory. Add these to your favourite outfits for dinner parties, hitting the town, or casual wear to ad that upscale element to your outfit that you were missing. 


  • Protection from longterm eye damage
  • Reduced eyestrain
  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Enhance your wellbeing
  • Super Comfortable
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Compliment Your Look
  • Free Shipping

The Fit

Measurements (Lens Width x Lens Height x Frame Width):

54 mm x 38 mm x 138 mm


Our lenses block 40% of the blue light on the 430nm - 450nm spectrum, and 100% of the blue light at 410nm for maximum performance. They are coated with 100% UV and Sunglare protection, which means your eyes will always be protected.


With a uniquely shaped design, Rectangle Classic has a snappy style and is made from high-quality and durable acetate.


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